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Niyah Glover is a great leader and will serve as outstanding representative for Fayetteville GA City Council. — Rev. Terry Jennings

I am endorsing Dr Niyah Glover due to her vision, creativity, determination, engagement, consistency, and effectiveness! She has demonstrated determination, grace under pressure, a sense of humor, and most of all, good decision-making. I encourage you to support Dr. Glover because she is sincerely interested in the entire community, but also has a unique sensitivity to those who meet the challenges of survival on a daily basis.  Her work with local events has facilitated meaningful and respectful community relationships.   Because of her professional experience, she will bring this same connectivity to her work while serving as City Council of Fayetteville.  Her active engagement, performance, execution, and results in public service makes Dr. Glover a real powerhouse! She’s an innovative leader who has never wavered from tough decisions. Above all, I believe that Dr. Niyah Glover’s track record has clearly demonstrated a commitment to collaborative dialogue, timely involvement and pragmatic action that will prove invaluable to address the challenges that lie ahead for this community. — Dr. R. Monique Dailey

I am pleased to endorse Dr. Glover who is a true leader and cares for all people. Her enthusiasm, understanding of purpose, and dedication to public service is exemplary. Beyond a doubt, Dr. Glover is the most qualified person for this position. —Shemeka Jenkins, MS — Shemeka Jenkins

Dedication, Diligence, and Leader are the essential qualities of Dr. Niyah Glover. Dr. Glover believes in the quality and concerns and will work to provide the resources. With her incredible experience, she will produce positive growth, economic development and affordability to the community. I endorse Dr. Niyah Glover of City Council of Fayetteville. ~ Dr. Bickram — Dr. Samantha Bickram

Hardworking, dedicated, persevering, knowledgeable, dependable, trustworthy, are only a few words I can say about Dr. Niyah Glover because she is so much more. She is very concerned about issues involving our community and I know she is the ideal candidate for City Council of Fayetteville. She is a loving mother and will be the ideal support for our children. I endorse Dr. Niyah Glover for City Council because I want commitment. Dr. LaKeisha Tolen When you give lose a part of your life. — Dr. Lakeisha Tolen

I am honored to endorse Dr. Glover who I know has all the qualities to be successful as city council. — Corey Hightower SSG, USA — Corey Hightower SSG, USA

I am honored to endorse Dr. Niyah Glover as a candidate for the City Council of Fayetteville, GA. She has all the qualities that a political leader should have. First, her credibility and trust were built on a foundation of honesty. Second, her compassionate heart gives her the ability to see the needs of others and to determine a course of action to meet those needs. Third, Dr. Glover is a person of integrity and possesses soundness of moral character. She always stands up for what is right and is never afraid to stand alone. Fourth, her confidence allows her to inspire and motivate others. Lastly, Dr. Glover has the number one quality that a leader needs. She is a visionary. She can see flowers blooming in an area where others may view as desolate. — Dr. Teneshia Winder, PhD, LMFT

Dr. Niyah Glover is a fierce leader and she has a strong love for the community. Dr.Niyah Glover has been a dedicated teacher to those who want to contribute to helping others. I Vote Dr. Niyah Glover! 

— Patrick Dugger, Film and Television Industry

It is my pleasure to endorse Dr. Niyah Glover to represent Fayetteville Ga. She is motivated, determined and very driven. I've known her for over 15yrs and she has always displayed a compassion for helping others . Dr. Glover always valued education which allowed her to Excell in everything she set her mind on. I'm so very proud of her and she would surly be an asset to your city. Laura Brown — Laura Brown

Dr. Glover has the professionalism second to known. I completely support this new political endeavor that Dr.Glover is partaking. I just know she will be a great asset to the city. Elder Kenny Madison, — Kenny Madison

It is with great joy to endorse Dr. Niyah Glover for City Councilman. I am truly excited at this moment to see that she has moved forward with her goal of becoming a politician. That's just who she is. She sets a goal, thinks it through, does her research and then, she's ALL in. Dr. Glover will bring this same level of energy with her as Council Representative. She doesn't shy away from change or challenges. She's about bringing solutions! She will also be a ball of fire for the youth. She pushes them to a level of excitement about believing in themselves by using herself as an example. Fayette County, you can't go wrong with this young lady. Dedicated, dynamic, devoted, and dominating! Dr. Niyah Glover! — Angela McDowell

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Dr. Niyah Glover for Fayetteville City Council. She has a passion for teaching and helping others. She is a true leader, who is committed, focused, and have the vision of growth and development that accommodates and enhances all. — Tracey Denson

Committee to Elect Niyah Glover for Fayetteville City Council
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