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Welcome to Dr. Niyah Glover's Campaign for Fayetteville, GA City Council!

Vote Anew!
A New Way of Thinking, A New Approach, A New Direction! 


2021 Fayetteville Councilwoman Dr. Niyah Glover!

Thank you for entrusting me to represent you! Thank you for your support, dedication, and perseverance! - Dr. Niyah Glover



Dr. Glover’s campaign aims to promote and facilitate a more sustainable economic development in Fayetteville, GA.  She aims to allocate resources on public health and safety, mental health, educational services, business creation, attraction, retention, and expansion, while focusing on a more inclusive future.


Trustworthy, determined, and committed! There's no other like Dr. Niyah Glover for Fayetteville, GA City Council!

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Committee to Elect Niyah Glover for Fayetteville City Council
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