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Campaign Focus

Dr. Glover’s campaign is dedicated to fostering and facilitating sustainable economic development in Fayetteville, GA. Her vision includes allocating resources to stimulate business creation, attract new enterprises, retain existing businesses, and support their expansion. Dr. Glover is committed to ensuring that this economic growth is inclusive, benefiting all members of the community. By implementing innovative policies and providing targeted support, she aims to create a vibrant and dynamic local economy. This approach not only boosts job creation and enhances local income but also strengthens the economic resilience of Fayetteville, ensuring long-term prosperity for its residents. Dr. Glover’s holistic strategy is designed to make Fayetteville a hub of economic activity, where diverse businesses can thrive and contribute to a flourishing community. 


Dr. Glover's Promise to Fayetteville!

To foster shared success in Fayetteville, Dr. Glover is committed to building rapport through mutual respect, trust, collaboration, accountability, community visibility, and transparency. Her approach emphasizes open communication and active engagement with residents, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard and valued. By promoting a culture of collaboration, she aims to work closely with local businesses, community leaders, and citizens to address common challenges and seize new opportunities. Dr. Glover's dedication to accountability and transparency will help build trust and confidence in her leadership, paving the way for a more united and prosperous Fayetteville. 

Public health and safety are paramount to Dr. Glover's vision for Fayetteville. She is dedicated to allocating resources to enhance the safety and accessibility of parks and recreational facilities for all families. Dr. Glover plans to implement comprehensive safety measures, including regular maintenance, improved lighting, and increased security personnel, to create a secure environment where families can enjoy outdoor activities without concern. Additionally, she seeks to invest in health and wellness programs, promoting physical activity and community engagement. By prioritizing public health and safety, Dr. Glover aims to cultivate a vibrant, healthy, and safe community for all residents.

Dr. Glover is deeply committed to community service. As a Licensed Professional Counselor with a successful counseling practice in Fayetteville, GA, she is dedicated to empowering individuals, families, and youth through counseling, education, and social skills training. Dr. Glover's expertise extends to working with military personnel and their families, reflecting her passion for supporting those who have served our country. Her holistic approach emphasizes empowerment, resilience, and well-being, making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves. 


Dr. Glover is dedicated to addressing the educational debt crisis facing our nation's higher education system. She advocates for affordable post-secondary education training as a solution. In Fayetteville, she has established one of the few Allied Health Training Institutes, providing adult learners with opportunities to pursue their dreams in fields such as Medical Assisting, Mental Health Technician, and Phlebotomy. Dr. Glover's initiative aims to make quality education more accessible and attainable for all, empowering individuals to achieve their career aspirations without the burden of excessive debt. 



Elect Dr. Niyah Glover for Fayetteville Georgia City Council (Post 5) on November 2nd 2021!


Committee to Elect Niyah Glover for Fayetteville City Council
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